Sunday, April 2, 2017

Mark your calendars our next show in 2017!

We'd like to extend another huge thank you to the dealers and patrons who made our most recent show another giant success!

Next up is our Spring show on Sunday, April 2, 2017. The show is sure to to be a hit as always, featuring both ballrooms of the Dedham Holiday Inn, our home for over 30 years. Every show we run sees new dealers, bigger crowds, and fresh merchandise for all ages to enjoy.

Dealers, you can download your exhibitor contracts here. Be sure to get your place reserved early- our shows have a massive attendance of spectators and dealers, and places fill up quick!

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General Admission: 9am to 3pm - $7.00 (save $2.00 after 12:00)

Early admission at 7:00 AM - ($25)

Children 12 and under are FREE

Dedham Holiday Inn
55 Ariadne Rd, Dedham MA

A Boston Tradition for over 30 Years!

The Greater Boston Antique & Collectible Toy Show recaptures your youth with over a hundred years of nostalgia on display. From the 1880's to the 1980's; from early cast iron to fine German tinplate. This important show represents nearly 100 tables of available childhood treasures.

The Greater Boston Antique & Collectible Toy Show is the place to find these and many more, such as model kits, action figures, G. I. Joes, Barbies, Tonka, Buddy-L, and tin litho from Chein to Marx. As you can imagine, all these toys together on display make a truly beautiful sight. The show fills both ballrooms at the Dedham Holiday Inn. Some enthusiasts even make a day of it; the hotel offers a breakfast in their restaurant. There are chairs between the two rooms to take a breakā€¦and there's always plenty to discover even the second or third time around.

Antique & Collectible Toys

Antique toys are generally considered to be those made around WWII or earlier, at least fifty years ago. These would be the very old cast iron toy fire wagons and trucks, painted, wooden, pull toys, Lincoln Logs, Erector sets, some dolls, some toy soldiers, Tinker Toys, pressed steel vehicles, early American plastic, old board games, some early toy guns and comic characters.

Collectible toys are all antique toys, of course, along with those made within the last fifty years that have withstood the test of time and piqued the imagination and interest of toy lovers and collectors. A toy from our own childhood that evokes happy memories is collectible! A die-cast of our dream car, or our own car, or Dad's car is collectible!


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